The Book of Shades

The Book of Shades is the working title for my current project. It is the first book in an urban fantasy series I have planned.

Like most of my ideas, The Book of Shades came to me as an image. Just one. It was an image of Zane, one of my main characters, standing next to a motorcycle. And of course I wasn’t ready to write it. Over time, that one image grew into many. Scenes and entire plot lines began to develop. I fantasized about character arcs, themes, and bits of dialogue. Eventually, I had the makings of a story, and that story nagged at me every day to be told.

So I finally sat down to write it.

I am now working on the second draft and gathering feedback from some amazing critique partners. I hope to begin planning the second book in the series soon.

You can get the latest news on The Book of Shades, as well as what’s going on in my life, in my SamWrites updates.



Zane is telekinetic. Jade is something new.

In the hidden world of the Talented, the Talentum and the Letifers have been at war for over a century. All of that is about to end, though. With the Talent Wars almost won, the Commander of the Letifers wants only one thing: the extinction of the Talentum, and everyone who serves them. Those who do not vow their talent and blood to the Letifers risk the execution of their loved ones and a life of torture.

It’s in this world that Jade lives with her grandmother, an ex-Talentum soldier. Though Jade has never been told of the Talentum or the Letifers, they have certainly heard rumors of her, and her hidden power. When the Letifers find her, they take everything from her. In her desperate attempt to flee, she is nearly captured by Zane, an elite soldier of the Letifer army. The mercy he shows her sets off a chain of events that will change not only their lives, but the tides of the war.

Caught on opposite sides of the Talent Wars, Jade and Zane will soon discover that their destinies are intertwined—and that their choices will change the fate of their kind forever.